Quick Answer: What Is Excellent Excellent?

What means excellent?

1 : very good of its kind : eminently good : first-class.

2 archaic : superior..

Is excellent better than great?

Excellent: Excellent is much better than good and similar in meaning to great. However, excellent just sounds more complimentary when said out loud. It means superior/superb or extremely good.

What is the mean of chew?

The definition of chew means to use teeth to bite, cut through and grind into smaller pieces, or is slang meaning to reprimand someone. … To bite and grind with the teeth; masticate.

What is another word for very good?

Similar words for very good: grand (adjective) splendid (adjective) terrific (adjective) top-notch (adjective)

What does very good mean?

formal. —used as a response to say one will do something that one has been told or asked to do”Show the ambassador in.” ” Very good, sir.”

What is opposite of excellent?

Opposite dictionary. Opposite for excellent: “bad,failing,imperfect, indistinguished,inferior,poor, second-class, second-rate, unnoteworthy,unworthy”

How do you create a culture of excellence?

7 Tips for Creating a Culture of ExcellenceTeach others that “not in their job description” should be “not in their vocabulary.” Sometimes, employees are asked to do things outside of their normal duties. … Save the day now. … Maintain a united front. … Set (and manage) expectations. … Don’t just make rules—build character. … Engage your employees. … Lead by example.

What are habits of excellence?

The pursuit of excellence means the pursuit of effectiveness in all areas of life. One must therefore adopt habits which will promote health in the physical, mental and emotional spheres of life.

What is an example of excellence?

Excellence is defined as the condition of being superior. An example of excellence is graduating from college with a 4.0. The state, quality, or condition of excelling; superiority. Something in which one excels.

Does excellent mean perfect?

As adjectives the difference between perfect and excellent is that perfect is fitting its definition precisely while excellent is of the highest quality; splendid.

What’s better great or excellent?

Great is satisfying, for us to hear and the customer to say. Excellent. “Extremely good.” This one is more straightforward! It’s so good, it’s extreme.

What does quality mean in science?

an essential or distinctive characteristic, property, or attribute: the chemical qualities of alcohol.

Is exceptional good or bad?

Of the adjectives, extraordinary is the one most often used for neutral or bad connotations while outstanding (in the sense mentioned in the OP) and exceptional are indeed almost always positive in the absence of qualifiers. Extraordinary on the other hand, is really quite often used negatively.

What is a better word for excellent?

What is another word for excellent?exceptionalbrilliantstunningsublimesuperiorunrivalledUKunrivaledUSunsurpassedattractivefirst-class221 more rows

What are the qualities of excellence?

Top 10 Qualities of Excellence.Natural Talent – Know Your Brilliance! An uncut diamond has a wealth of unrealized possibility and brilliance. … Invest in your success. Life rewards those who are invested in their success. … Integrity. … Passion. … Creativity and Innovation. … Commitment. … Showing Up.More items…