Quick Answer: What Does It Mean When A Person Is Deteriorating?

What does it mean to deteriorate someone?

: to make or become worse or of less value Their relationship deteriorated.


intransitive verb.

de·​te·​ri·​o·​rate | \ di-ˈtir-ē-ə-ˌrāt \.

How do you use the word deteriorate in a sentence?

Deteriorate in a Sentence 🔉Since Jan stopped attending piano practice, her playing skill has started to deteriorate. … Because Pam drank in excess for many years, her liver started to deteriorate when she reached the age of fifty. … The value of your car begins to deteriorate as soon as you drive the vehicle off the lot.More items…

What does decline mean?

1 : to bend or slope downward The road declines into the valley. 2 : to pass toward a lower, worse, or weaker level Her health declined. 3 : to refuse to accept, do, or agree decline an invitation decline to leave.

What does vituperative mean?

: uttering or given to censure : containing or characterized by verbal abuse. Other Words from vituperative Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about vituperative.

What does floundering mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to struggle to move or obtain footing : thrash about wildly The poor horse was floundering in the mud. 2 : to proceed or act clumsily or ineffectually the normally surefooted governor floundered a moment like a prize pupil caught unprepared — Time.

How do you use deterioration?

Deterioration sentence examplesThis leads to deterioration of agriculture and lessens the production. … This deterioration increases with the number of successive copyings. … She appealed to the king’s less refined instincts, and Henry’s deterioration of character may be dated from his connexion with her.More items…

What is the root word of deteriorate?

deteriorate (v.) 1640s, transitive, “make worse, reduce in quality,” from Late Latin deterioratus, past participle of deteriorare “get worse; make worse,” from Latin deterior “worse, lower, inferior, meaner,” contrastive of *deter “bad, lower,” from PIE *de-tero-, from demonstrative stem *de- (see de).

What are the causes of deterioration?

Causes of deterioration in buildingHuman.Chemicals.Atmospheric.Structural.Moisture.Fire.Faulty design.Faulty construction.More items…•

What are the types of deterioration?

Ten Agents of Deterioration2.1 Physical Forces.2.2 Thieves, Vandals, Displacers.2.3 Fire.2.4 Water.2.5 Pests.2.6 Pollutants.2.7 Light.2.8 Incorrect Temperature.More items…•

What does Gale mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a strong current of air: (1) : a wind from 32 to 63 miles per hour (about 51 to 102 kilometers per hour) (2) : fresh gale — see Beaufort Scale Table.

What are the signs of deterioration?

Signs of DeteriorationEarly Signs and SymptomsAssess for changes in Level of Consciousness (LOC) including: Irritability Restlessness LethargyLate Signs and SymptomsStupor – due to decreased brain perfusionArrestUnresponsive Flaccid Tonic posturing

What is the difference between deterioration and degradation?

is that deterioration is the process of growing worse, or the state of having grown worse while degradation is the act of reducing in rank, character, or reputation, or of abasing; a lowering from one’s standing or rank in office or society; diminution; as, the degradation of a peer, a knight, a general, or a bishop.

What does depleted mean?

deplete, drain, exhaust, impoverish, bankrupt mean to deprive of something essential to existence or potency. deplete implies a reduction in number or quantity so as to endanger the ability to function.

How do you identify a deteriorating patient?

Other clues that your patient may be deteriorating include changes in pulse quality (irregular, bounding, weak, or absent), slow or delayed capillary refill, abnormal swelling or edema, dizziness, syncope, nausea, chest pain, and diaphoresis.

What is the process of deterioration?

: the action or process of becoming impaired or inferior in quality, functioning, or condition : the state of having deteriorated rust deterioration the deterioration of academic standards.