Quick Answer: Can I Use Melafix And Stress Coat Together?

Can too much stress coat harm fish?

No, API STRESS COAT water conditioner will not harm your fish or plants.

How much API STRESS COAT™ water conditioner should I use.

If you are using API STRESS COAT water conditioner as a dechlorinator to make tap water safe, you should dose enough for the amount of new water you are adding to the aquarium..

How quickly does Melafix work?

After 7 days of treatment, you should make a 25% water change. If your fish are still suffering from the bacterial infections, you can continue the treatment for up to 3 of these 7 day rounds if necessary. If your fish do not get better within 14 to 21 days, you should go seek professional help.

How often should I use Melafix?

For effective treatment, dose infected fish daily for 7 days, and continue afterward if necessary. Dose new fish daily for 3 days. Remove activated carbon from filter before use, if possible. With API Aquarium products, it’s easy to keep a beautiful saltwater, freshwater or reef aquarium.

How effective is Melafix?

Water-quality parameters were monitored on a daily basis. The use of Melafix on goldfish and clownfish appears to be safe as no adverse effects were noted during the experimental period. The results also showed that Melafix has no effect on the water-quality parameters tested.

Can Melafix be used with other treatments?

API MELAFIX fish remedy heals bacterial infections such as fin & tail rot, eye cloud, popeye, body slime, and mouth fungus. As a general note, all API fish remedies can be used in conjunction with each other safely, as long as you are able to follow the directions for both during treatment.

Does Melafix kill bacteria?

Melafix works great on repairing fins, but will not kill a bacteria that might be causing fin rot. As such, it will not cure your fish (just help it along after the infection is over) but it also wont kill your beneficial bacteria.

How long does it take for a stress coat to work?

one to two monthsIt can take anywhere from one to two months fo… see more. But the tank still needs to “cycle” before you can really add fish.

Can you use too much Melafix?

Member. Melafix is a general antibiotic so it shouldnt do to much more then cause your tank to smell like medicine and maybe foam at the surface.

How often can I put stress coat in my tank?

You must use API Stress Coat every single time you add new water if it’s your main conditioner. No, I wouldn’t dose it every day (especially if you’re not actually changing any water) but would focus instead on keeping the water pristine to ward off infections from the tail biting.

How long does it take for water conditioner to work for fish?

As far as how long you should leave it in for, Hawkins says two minutes should suffice, as this is approximately how much time it takes for the conditioner to adhere to the hair. If you’re using a deep conditioner, however, he says three to five minutes is ideal.

Is stress coat the same as prime?

Prime converts ammonia into a non-toxic form while detoxing nitrite and nitrate. Provides slime coat aid, removal of chlorine, chloramines. … Stress coat is basically a water conditioner that aids in aloe slime coat, healing damaged tissue, removes heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines.

Is water conditioner and stress coat the same?

Looking at the ounces needed per gallon, the stress coat treats 60 gallons per ounce while the tap water conditioner treats 600 gallons per ounce. It looks like the stress coat does more things to protect the fish, but the tap water conditioner will treat more tap water per bottle.

Can I use stress coat and Prime together?

There’s no harm in using both together, but there’s no point in it either. The so-called stress coat isn’t something you need. Just use Prime.

Can you use stress coat and water conditioner?

Stress Coat functions as a water conditioner, so you can absolutely use it in place of conditioner. … It is not necessary to use both “betta conditioner/water conditioner” and Stress Coat.

Does stress coat really work?

API Stress Coat is a phenomenal product. It reduces stress up to 40% by making tap water safe for fish; in addition, it replaces the protective slime coat. … Stress coat also removes chlorine and chloramines and neutralizes heavy metals that are found in tap water.